Thursday, March 28, 2013

Serge Lutens #02 powder blush

Serge Lutens is one of my favorite perfume brand and when I heard they came out with a cosmetic line as well, no need to say that my interest has been piqued ever since.

As many of you hard core beauty addicts probably already know that Serge Lutens was a fashon designer, photographer, hair stylist, make up artist and a perfume art direcor. A talented and passionate artist with a vision of his own.

But when I heard about the prices I admit that I almost did a double take. Yes it's that expensive but I was determined to try some products nonetheless.

Recently I got my hands on the #02 blush that I have my eyes on for awhile now. As a highly exclusive niche brand will the quality live up to the expectation?

Serge Lutens #02 blush

A pale peach pink shade that looks very natural on the cheeks, no matter how you pile it on.

Subtle, crealy soft (without being too powdery) and with a matte finish which is why I can see why a lot of women would be drawn to it (if you are willing to pay the price tag for it of course).

The blush comes in a sleek shiny black packaging which is no surprise considering Serge Luten's eye for aesthetic. Anyone who has seen "Les Salons du Palais Royal" in Paris (that he designed himself) knows what I'm talking about.

As a former make up artist for brands like Dior and Shiseido it's no surprise that he also opted for vibrant colours for his own cosmetic line.

I also took a shot of the ingredienst on the side of the box for those who might be interested.

Some swatches and comparisons of the blush.

From L to R (indoor lighting):
Serge Lutens #02 - Shu Uemura M Peach 44 - Illamasqua Lover

Same swatches- outdoor lighting.

The Serge Lutens blush can be yours for an eye watering $160 USD/ £111 GBP and can be purchased exclusively at Barneys in NYC (US) and Harvey Nichols in London (UK).


  1. I died a little at the price. But then it is really pretty.

    1. It is pretty but not really worth the price tag in my humble opinion! :-)

  2. I didn't even know Serge Lutens made blushes! Looks very pretty!

    1. They do but I warn you, it's crazy expensive. :-/