Sunday, May 12, 2013

Givenchy Le Rouge #310 Croisière Coral (summer collection 2013)

Givenchy came out with 2 new Le Rouge lipsticks and as a huge fan of these lipsticks, of course I had to check them out.

The one that stood out immediately was #310 Croisière Coral and purchased it without any hesitation.

Givenchy Le Rouge #310 Croisière Coral.

Croisière Coral is a corally pink shade and an absolute stunner in this collection. The other Le Rouge lipstick in the summer collection was Croisière Fushia and as the name already suggests, it's a fushia colour with a hint of pink in it.

As you can see, instead of the regular black leather case, the lipsticks in this collection both have a white packaging which is the only thing they changed.

Texture is creamy with a silicony feel to it without being slippery on the lips. Someone mentionned before that it's quite simular to the Addiction cheek sticks in terms of texture and I have to agree.

For those who have very dry lips, a balm underneath will definitely help to make this lipstick go on smoother. Quite long lasting and not drying on the lips whatsoever.

Some comparision swatches to see if they are any dupes out there and as you can see on the picture, I don't have a shade like Croisière Coral in my stash yet so this lipstick will fill that niche perfectly.

From L to R:
Hourglass Muse - Nars Lodhi - Givenchy Croisière Coral -
Paul&Joe Merry-Go-Around - Lancome Corset

lipswatch of Givenchy #310 Croisère Coral

The Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks retail for $36 USD / 34,50 EUR and can be purchased at any Givenchy counter.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dior mono eyeshadow 2013 in Tweed and Camouflage

When I walked passed a Dior counter awhile back I noticed they have released new single eyeshadows. The colour range surprisingly caught my eye, more brighter and bolder shades which is not very typical for Dior.

To satisfy my curiosity I got 2 of them: #477 Camouflage and #760 Tweed.

Tweed is a gorgeous taupe colour with a hint of plum and reminded me a lot of Chanel Fauve eyeshadow although they don't look simular at all in the pan.

Dior mono eyeshadow in Tweed

Dior mono #760 Tweed

Camouflage is a khaki green shade and maybe not the most unique one of the bunch but I can see this being well loved for my everyday, work safe make up looks.

Dior mono eyeshadow in Camouflage

Dior mono #477 Camoufalge

Texture-wise these eyeshadow are kind of dry feeling but quite pigmented with complex subtle shimmers in them. Although they are not buttery soft, it is powdery but won't cause any fallout once applied on the eyelid.

Some people compained about these eyeshadows not being very long lasting but I have to disagree with this. After applying an eye primer, the eyeshadow went on smoothly and lasted throughout the whole day.

So I mentioned that Tweed reminded me of Chanel Fauve when I swatched it. Well I took the liberty to swatch them side by side so you can see and judge for yourself.

From L to R:
Chanel Fauve - Dior Tweed

Quite simular no? Fauve is a tad darker with a more purpleish undertone while Tweed definitely leans more to the taupe side.

I also swatched other dark green eyeshadow I could find in my stash to see if one of them would be a dupe for Camouflage.

Swatches indoor- From L to R:
Chanel Fauve - Dior Tweed - Dior Camouflage -
By Terry #05 Dapple Bronze - Suqqu Kokedama (dark green one)

Same swatches- outdoor lighting

Most of the green shades are close but I wouldn't call any of them an exact dupe for Camouflage.

To conclude this review, I did a quick look with these Dior mono eyeshadows. I find that the swatches don't do the shades any justice.

Once applied on the lid, you can see the complexity of the shades much better.

The Dior mono eyeshadow retail for $29 USD/ 28 EUR each and can be found at any Dior counter.