Sunday, January 19, 2014

Addiction Soda Lunch FOTD (Basquiat collection for summer 2013)

First of all I hope everyone had a great start in 2014 and that many resolutions will be achieved this year. :-)

One of the more outstanding collection that Addiction made was probably the Basquiat collection from last summer.
I know they are already many reviews in the blogosphere around so I'm going to keep my rambling to a minimum about them and focuss on the products.

For those of you who don't know, Jean-Michel Basquiat is a famous American graffiti artist (of Haitian/Puerto Rican origin) who even briefly worked with Andy Warhol himself. Inspired by street art, post-punk and hip hop, he was also considered a Neo-Expressionist painter who unfortunately died at a young age due to an overdose.

For this collection, Addiction has made 6 readily made eyeshadow palettes with different colour combinations. Only on 1 palette case will the famous Basquiat dinosaur be featured, while the other palettes only bear the typical Basquiat graffiti in black and white.

Now for a quick overview of the 3 palettes I purchased.

The first one is called Soda Lunch and this is also the palette that has the dinosaur imprinted on the case. It's definitely is the brightest palette of them all and although the colours may not be for everyone, the quad is versitale in its own way.

Unlike other Addiction palettes, Soda Lunch only consist of matte shades. Soft but not overly powdery and highly pigmented which pretty much sums it up in terms of texture.

Swatches of Addiction Soda Lunch quad

Even for those who don't like the colours, you should get this palette anyway because... you know....dinosaur! Who doesn't love them?

Another one that caught my eye was Mudd Club. In some way it reminds me of the Kevyn Aucoin #06 palette which also has more or less the same colour combo.

Like Soda Lunch, Mudd Club also only contains matte eyeshadows which makes this excellent for a daytime look as well.

To give you a better idea of the colours, some swatches of Mudd Club.

Third and the last palette is Sugar Rush. If you are into neutrals, this one will be right up your alley.

Unlike the previous 2 palette, Sugar Rush does have shimmery shades. The shimmers are very delicate so that the finish is really polished and tasteful for everyday wear.

Although it's quite warm, they should work on most skintones.

The one that is unique is Soda Lunch and although bright and colourful, you can make varies looks with it, from subtle to bold.
I chose to do a simple rainbow eyeliner type of look with it. Simple and fun to do!


Soda Lunch has been made permanent by Addiction but they will be available only in the typical black case. The dinosaur version of the cases are limited edition unfortunately.

Each palette retails for 6510 Yen and can be purchased at the Addiction counter or online at shops like Ichibankao.