Sunday, December 30, 2012

Addiction Moroccan Rose holiday 2012 collection!

Every year Addiction comes out with a special pre-made palette and for this year 2012 the holiday palette is called the Moroccan Rose collection.

The holiday palette comes with a pretty candy pink nailpolish in a simple black and gold coffret.

ADDICTION holiday 2012 promo picture.

So of course I had to get my hands on these and ordered it when it was release the 9th of November 2012.

From all the holiday collections this year, this was the one I was the most excited about.

ADDICTION Moroccan Rose set

In this set you get a quad and a nailpolish, all wrapped in a pretty black and gold case with 2 pieces of strings to tie the box shut.

The quad doesn't only consist of eyeshadows. In this palette you get:
- 2 eyeshadows: Damask eyeshadow (a complex mix of pink, mauve and white colours) a gold (unnamed) eyeshadow
- 1 cream blush: a cool mauvy pink shade
- 1 black khol liner

The shade that has intrigued me the most is Damask. I didn't expect such a complex colour, yes even for Addiction. A mix of different colours but when applied, it comes out as a lovely cool medium pink colour.  

Texture is a bit drier than most of the regular Addiction eyeshadows but still smooth and pigmented nonetheless. No visible shimmers was added to this colour so it will give a lovely matte finish.

The gold colour however is a different case. It feels like a pigment that has been pressed together to a solid consistancy.
It's definitely shimmery and not as pigmented compared to Damask but still smooth and buttery which can define most of the Addiction eyeshadows.

Applied over a good eye primer there will be zero chance to have any fallout. A bit of layering will be needed to get this gorgeous shade to show up better but luckily it's easily buildable.

Next is the black kohl liner which I thought will be simular to the other kohl liners that Addiction has released before for their Desert Rose fall collection 2012.
Let me tell you this, it is not simular. The texture of the black kohl liner in this palette is a not as soft and smooth compared to the buttery goodness of the kohl liners from the fall collection.

The shimmers in it are very subtle but once applied on the skin it's a completely matte finish. Very pigmented and used with a proper eyeliner brush (I prefer an angled brush for this type of kohl liners) it will give you a flawless eyeliner look.

Last but not least the cream blusher. The shade is a gorgeous mauvy pink colour and the texture is superb. Very creamy, pigmented and easy to blend on the cheeks (no need for a brush to buff it out).

Texture reminds me a bit of the Becca cream blushes but slighty creamier and with the exception that it's not as opaque that there will risk of overapplying it (like Illamasqua cream blushes where a light hand is definitely needed).

Close up of the holiday palette

Here are some proper swatches of this beautiful palette.

Swatches in natural lighting.

Indoor lighting

Addiction decided to make a fun set this year so of course there had to be a nailpolish in it. A candy bubblegum pink colour nonetheless!

The nailpolish is called 'Miss You More' and the shade is a must have for the girly girls out there.

Addiction Miss you More nailpolish

Texture is very creamy but not very opaque with just 1 layer which can result in a streaky application.  I needed at least 2 coats to get a even finish but it's really worth it.

Brush of the nailpolish is not really wide but it's firm which will make the application quite easy. When applied it will dry up to a matte finish (which I personally love) and used over a decent base coat it will last you several days without chipping.

The Addiction nailpolishes reminds me of the Butter London polishes but a bit creamier and easier to apply.

Miss you More polish applied on the nails

This limited edition Addiction holiday set retails for ¥7,140 Yen and can only be ordered in Japan.
Some online retailers like Ichibankao or Bobodave have carried this holiday set as well but be quick since their stock is limited.


  1. OMG *dies* and I don't even like pink on eyes

    1. Me neither! I know this palette isn't for everyone and but I love it! :D Happy New Year hun!

  2. OMG! Gorgeous! Your swatches are so lovely! <3

    1. Thank you! I'm still kind of new with all this so I'm glad the swatches turned out well. :-)