Sunday, February 24, 2013

KIKO Color Fever palette #04 Daring Fire Hues

Ok I know I promised to make up for my absence awhile ago so let's just get started shall we?

Kiko cosmetics is one of the brands that has intrigued me for awhile. Although it is considered a drugstore brand, it's not readily availble everywhere.

It is an European brand, more particularly KIKO was founded in Bergamo (Italy). One of the interesting thing about this brand is that they don't advertise like most drugstore brands do (like for example L'Oreal), which permits KIKO to be competitive on prices, avoiding to get them higher. Customers are ensured just by passing the word. This way people are more motivated to try the brand or go into one of their shops if they walk pass one.

There are not many actual KIKO shops but they do exists in big cities like Milan (Italy), Bordeaux (France), Berlin (Germany), Lisbon (Portugal), London (United Kingdom) and Barcelona (Spain). They have a store locator on their website that you can check to see if you are near a KIKO store.

But enough history, the product that I wanted to review is one of the Color Fever palette, specically #04 Daring Fire Hues.

Kiko #04 Daring Fire Hues
Kiko #04 Daring Fire Hues- Back

KIKO is known for their bright colours (although they do many neutral shades as well) so of course my eye got caught by this palette, #04 Daring Fire Hues.

It's one of the most daring palettes in this range with the bright red, purple, orange and a soft pinky beige shade. Definitely not a neutral palette but this makes it more interesting.
The colours seem to be in contrast with each other which makes it a challenge to wear them. Whatever colour combination you make with this palette, it will surely draw attention to your eyes and will not be boring at all to look at.

The first thing that has to be said are that all of these eyeshadows in the palette are baked. Yes you read it right, all of them are BAKED!

When hearing the word 'baked', I imagine something like the Chanel eyeshadow quads that are sold in Europe which are baked as well and therefore hard and dry and not pigmented at all.

Let me assure you that this is absolutely not the case with these Color Fever palettes.
They have a smooth texture and although thecolours aren't opaque like most regular powder eyeshadows, it's definitely buildable and applies very evenly.

The finish isn't completely matte but more of a gorgeous satiny finish that will illuminate your eyes when wearing these colours. Over a decent eye primer, they will last all day on your eyelid.

Here are some swatches that shows how vibrant the colours are. 

Swatches in natural lighting

Swatches indoors

The Color Fever palettes were limited edition unfortunately and can not be found on their website anymore. In case KIKO will be releasing these palettes again in the future, I highly suggest to pick one up and try them for yourself. 

KIKO cosmetics can be purchased online (if you live in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal or the UK) and in their stores as well.

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