Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ladurée cream cheek base in #05.

So I mentionned awhile back that Ladurée, who became famous for his macarons, came out with their own cosmetic line.

One of the products I was really curious about were the cream cheek bases that basically looks like an egg in a cup.

Although I'm not the biggest fan of the gold and white packaging, I guess it would look great on a vanity.

The plastic material does seem a little tacky but it's sturdy enough to prevent the product inside from breaking. The details on the packaging is very feminine and has a sort of vintage feel to it.

The shade I got was #05 which is a bright pink one and it's the brightest colour they offer in their permanent range.

But seriously don't you just want to put pepper and salt on it and eat the whole thing?

Ladurée cream cheek base in #05

The texture is quite interesting and not like anything I've tried before. It's not really creamy but feels a bit more dryish (but not drying), almost balmy/silicony when you apply it to your skin.
Quite surprised by how pigmented it was but it's very easy to control the amount you apply on your cheeks so over applying won't be an issue here.

It does sink in immediately and very easy to blend with your fingers so no brush is needed for this product.

Ladurée cream cheek base #05 - close up

As usual here are some swatches and comparisons for those who are wondering about possible dupes etc...

From L to R (indoor lighting):
Ladurée #05 cream cheek base - Addiction Damask Rose -
R&R Bedroom

Same swatches- outdoor lighting.

The Ladurée cream cheek bases retail for 4410 Yen and can be purchased in Japan only at their counters or at webshops like Ichibankao for a higher price.


  1. *stares so hard* I can't see any shimmer! There's no shimmer, right? :D

    (The LE one I got -- 002 -- has gold sparkles)

    1. Hi Kate! :D No this one doesn't have any shimmers at all. Didn't know the LE ones do, I almost got one of the spring! D: I'm quite happy with mine although there are better formulas out there for sure.