Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Giorgio Armani new Eyes to Kill for Summer 2012!

This is already old news and I'm sure most of you have seen these ETK's at the counters already but I thought I would do a separate blog post about it anyway.

So Giorgio Armani has released new Eyes to Kill shades for this summer of 2012. All of these are limited edition so if you have a counter near you, I highly do recommand to check out these shades.

I only got 3 of the 6 new Eyes to Kill shades so I will do a little overview of them.
From what I can already is that the new shades are not as complex as the ones in their regular range.

The ETK #24 is a black golden shade which can be worn individually or paired with another lighter eyeshadow color.  Perfect for a easy smokey eye look by applying this as a wash of color on the eyelids.

Next one I got is the ETK # 25 and this reminded me a lot of the ETK #14 in their permanent range. I heard that #14 is not sold everywhere (like for example they don't carry #14 in the US). So if you have been looking for that particular shade and couldn't find it, the ETK #25 would be an excellent substitute. 

This shade has more of a golden undertone with a hint of black in it compared to #24 and it would be look stunning with any green or olive shade eyeshadow or just on its own.

The next and last ETK is probably the most unique one of the 6 (and my personal favorite) and it's #27.

A gorgeous purple color with subtle silver shimmer in it. I find this shade to be the most complex of the new shades that has been released. It' definitely more cool toned compare to the other colors but I can see this work on almost all skintone.

Here are some swatches that I did of the new ETK colors to give you an idea of how it looks when applied.

I find the texture of the Eyes to Kill shadow to be very smooth and silky. It can be applied with the fingers and it blends very easily.

A good drugstore dupe is the L'Oreal Infaillable eyeshadows and this shouldn't be a surprise for all the beauty addicts out there. L'Oreal owns Giorgio Armani cosmetics and also manufactures their make up line. But the Infaillable colors are not that complex compared to the Armani ETK's but the texture really is amazing, almost superior to the Armani ones in terms of pigmentation.
I will do a proper comparison soon.

To wrap this up, the new shades are nice but the shades are not really special or complex (except for #27) but for those who don't own colors similar to these, I would definitely check these out at the Armani counter.

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