Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shiseido new Lacquer Rouges!

So one of the newest rave in beauty community are the new Shiseido Lacquer Rouges that came out a few month ago.

It's supposed to a lipstick and a lipgloss all in one. The texture is not as dry as a regular lipstick and it gives a shiny finish just like a gloss.

There were 8 shades released world wide and I know that that Shiseido also made 4 Asia exclusive shades as well that can not be found in Europe or in the US.

From the 8 shades I only got 2, the RS 404 (Disco) and the RD 607 (Nocturne).

Disco is a bright candy pink color and although it looks scary in the tube, it's actually pretty wearable. 
Nocturne is a true blood red shade that can easily be worn for a night out or sheered out a little to wear during the day.

Here are some swatches. I thought Nocturne would be a good dupe for the (now discontinued) Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque but as you can see on the picture below, Dragon is more blue based and not as dark compared to Shiseido Nocturne.

The texture is kind of thick and very opaque. It does have a bit of a sticky feeling to it but not as sticky like regular lipgloss. It doesn't have a slip to it so it will stay on your lips better without bleeding or feathering.
When the color fades, it leaves a stain behind that will last for hours if you don't drink or eat. The lip lacquers do have a slight smell to it but nothing overpowering (even for the most sensitive noses).

It seems to be an upcoming trend for this fall because Guerlain just recently released some lip lacquers too of their own for this upcoming fall.

I will do a battle of the lip lacquers soon to see how these lip lacquers compare to the other ones that have been released. So definitely stay tuned for that!


  1. Oh, hello there <3 I wish they would have released a nice blood red. I am far more in love with my Guerlain liquids (the huge space tampon packaging irks me though).

  2. I find Nocturne is a true blood red. Have you tried them or seem them in person? They haven't been released in Europe yet though. And yes I love Guerlain Gourmandise and Colere liquid l/s and will do a comparison soon. Hope you've been well! :)

    1. Yes, they are already in Paris and Germany and available in some european online stores. Nocturne wasn't a true blood red on my lips sadly. Gourmandise and Colere are already on my drawer but I sefinetly need more of them!

    2. Strange since they haven't come out in the UK. Maybe you have pigmented lips but Nocturne is def. buildable on me up to a true blood red. I love it. :D I only got Gourmandise and Colore because those are the stand outs. I don't find the other colors that unique so I don't think I'll get more. And although I love the texture, it's not very long lasting.

    3. I don't have pigmented lips. Not everything is released in the Uk first ... I do like the darker Guerlain colours as well and they last long enough on my lips (still, the packaging is meh). <3

    4. UK have most of the new collections first hence why I was surprised. The darker colors look the always the same to me so I don't find most of the unique. And yes the packaging is a turn off too which why I like the Shi one a little better in general.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi dear! Have you tried Disco? It's one of the stand out colours for sure. :-)

  4. I have Nocturne, it's really a gorgeous color!