Sunday, March 10, 2013

BITE High Pigment Matte lip pencils

One of the trends that has been going on for the past few years must be the lip pencils. I'm not talking about lip liners or anything but lipstick in pencil form.

Lots of brands have jumped on the bandwagon by now but one of the first brands who started with this hype is probably BITE beauty with their Pigment Matte lip pencils and I'm sure most of you beauty addicts are not unfamiliar with them.

The ones I'll be talking about are Pomegrenade, Zinfandel and Tart.

I love the idea of carrying around a pencil instead of a bulky lipstick packaging (yes I'm looking at you Guerlain Rouge G aka tampon packaging!)

Easy and travel friendly and very light weight to begin with so couldn't be more happy about the packaging.

Texture is smooth and glides on your lips without any problems but I do have to mention I don't have dry lips to begin with. They don't feel drying on my lips and lasting power is excellent (lasted even through a light meal).

The BITE lip pencils aren't as creamy like the Addiction lip crayons (which I will be reviewing soon as well) and I wouldn't consider them moisturizing as well but all of that can be helped with a decent lip balm underneath.

From L to R: Pomegrenade- Zinfandel - Tart

Okay more about these shades that I own.

Pomegrenade is a blue based dark red shade and a must have for every red lipstick lover out there! The perfect easy to wear red to slap it on your lips whenever you have to go somewhere.

Zinfandel is a described as a 'electric' coral shade and I couldn't agree more! So vibrant and a must have for the upcoming spring/summer season!

Tart is the last one I got and I have been fascinated by this colour because it looks so different on people depending on the pigmentation of your lips.
So according to BITE beauty it's a soft cherry red shade but it doesn't look like that at all on me. I would call it a vibrant pinky red that definitely leans more pink than red on me.

Swatches from L to R: Tart - Zinfandel- Pomegrenade
Indoor lighting

Same swatches- outdoor lighting

Although BITE calls them matte lip pencils I don't feel that they are particularly matte since they do have a bit of a sheen to them on the lips (which I personally don't mind actually).

For those who are looking for something easy to wear and carry around, I highly suggest to look into these.

These BITE lip pencils retail for $24 USD/ $28 CAD each and can be purchased at Sephora. From the little that I known about BITE beauty is that it's originally a Canadian brand so there might be other places where you can find these.

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