Sunday, March 17, 2013

Givenchy Le Rouge #301 Magnolia Organza

So I'll take back what I said about not reviewing lipsticks since there are so many formulas to try out, it's almost impossible not to try one out once and awhile.

One of them is the new Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick range that has recently came out.

I purchased 2 of them, # 301 Magnolia Organza  and #303 Corail Decollete but this review will be for the #301 Magnolia Organza. Maybe I'll review Corail Decollete another time.

Givenchy Le Rouge #301
Magnolia Organza

So Magnolia Organza is a pretty coral pinkish shade with a little hint of fushia. It's quite cool toned but brightens up my face.

Givenchy Le Rouge #301

First let's talk about the packaging. It's made out of a sleek black leather material combined with silver parts on the sides.
And the best most luxurious about it is that it has a little stud on the bottom of the tube. Yes that's correct... a freakin silver stud!

Texture feels very light and smooth on my lips, reminds me a bit of a silicony feel. Some people have mentionned they are simular to the Addiction cheek sticks but personally I find the Addiction cheek stick a bit drier.

It gives a pretty sheen to the lips but I wouldn't call it a satin finish, more like a natural semi-matte finish.

I'm well aware that this is becoming a lipstick blog but I find the new Givenchy lipsticks worth getting (if you don't mind the price tag) hence the little review.

There is only so much you can talk about when it comes to lipstick so I'll conclude this mini review with some comparison swatches.

From L to R (indoor swatches):
BITE Tart lip pencil, Givenchy L301, WetNWild Old School glam,
Giorgio Armani #503 lip Maestro

Same swatches in outdoor lighting.

The Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks retail for  34,50 EUR/ $36 USD and can be purchased at any Givenchy counters.


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