Sunday, March 3, 2013

Paul & Joe Merry-Go-Round lipstick (spring 2013 collection)

I usually don't review a lipstick that often (nor do I feel the need to most of the time) unless it's quite unique or has a very cute packaging.

The lipstick I'll be reviewing belongs to the second category so you already know of which brand I'm talking about... yes... Paul & Joe!

As already mentionned, the lipstick if part of their spring 2013 collection and is called Merry-Go-Round (#079).

So the interesting thing is that the case and the actual lipstick are sold separately. This way you can keep re-using the cute packaging and just throw about the lipstick container inside of it.

There are 3 different packaging to choose from and I got the one with the cats on it on a green and brown background. Originally I wanted the one with the elephants on a red background but that one was out of stock at that moment unfortunately.

The only negative thing I have to say about the packaging is that it's made from cardboard! Yes cardboard which is really not sturdy at all. Although you can re-use the packaging, I don't really believe these will last a very long time especially if you like to carry these in your handbag, make up bag or take them with you when travelling.
For the price you're paying for it, I expected a decent packaging made out of some sort of hard material that will not break easily when you take it with you.

Okay back to the lipstick. Merry-Go-Round is a gorgeous coral pink colour which will be perfect for spring time obviously.

Paul & Joe Merry-Go-Round lipstick

Texture isn't the moist moisturizing but it's quite creamy and fairly opaque although you probably have to build up the colour.

From the other swatches/reviews I have seen, all of them agreed that they were very sheer but I don't really agree. This one is quite pigmented and definitely shows up on my lips.

The most unique most-have colour? Probably not and I expect most people will buy these just for the luxury of owning a make up item with adorable packaging.

For those who are not really familiar with the Paul & Joe, the lipstick is a great product to try out the brand.

I dug up some coral lipsticks and I was surprised that I didn't have a dupe for it. Here are some side by side comparisons.

Swatches in natural lighting.
From L to R: P&J Merry-Go-Round - Hourglass Muse -
Lancome Corset

Same swatches in indoor lighting.

The Paul & Joe lipsticks from their spring 2013 collection retails for $19 USD.each and the case is sold separately for $5 USD. Both can be purchased online at Beauty Habit (US based) with international shipping .

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