Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eclipse Eagle and Snowy Egret eyeshadows (new release 2013)

One of my favorite brands that doesn't get a lot of attention on blogs in general (in my humble opinion) is the Russian brand Rouge Bunny Rouge.

The interesting part of this brand is that each products tells a fairy tales and can be found on the packaging (if you read Russian).

Alexandra De Montfort, founder and creative director of Rouge Bunny Rouge, explains the concept of the brand as the following At Rouge Bunny Rouge we believe everyday is worthy of a soupcon of whimsy. As if the book of the Enchanted Garden lies open in our hands, we tell its enduring tales through powders that whisper over skin, unguents that caress and cajole and mesmeric vapours that seduce the senses. With indulgent textures tied with wistful tones, each fragment is created to enhance natural beauty, allowing you to become the protagonist in your own mysterious tale.”

One of the product that are worth trying is definitely their eyeshadows. And recently they released 2 new shades to join the permanent range and they are called Eclipse Eagle (074) and Snowy Egret (073).

These came in an illustrated black packaging and are available as refills but also as regular eyeshadows in a pot.

I chose to get the refills because I find they take less space in my stash compared to the somewhat bulky packaging of their regular eyeshadow.

RBR Eclipse Eagle and Snowy Egret

RBR Eclipse Eagle and Snowy Egret- Back

The eyeshadow texture is sublime: creamy, buttery smoothness with refined subtle shimmers which made me a fan of these eyeshadows in the first place.

Like all great eyeshadows, an eye primer isn't even needed, applies evenly, no fallout and all that good stuff.

Eclipse Eagle is a dark chocolate brownish taupe colour that will look universally flattering on any skintone.

RBR Eclipe Eagle (074)

This shade really stood out to me and as a taupe lover of course I had to have this shade in my stash. I admit that it doesn't look too special in the pan but I haven't found an exact dupe for this colour so that's saying something....

The other eyeshadow is called Snowy Regret and it's more of a frosty white silvery shade.

RBR Snowy Egret (074)

I wasn't too sure about this shade because I can't pull off these kind of frosty pastel shades very well with my warm Asian skintone.

But surprisingly it works well as a highlighter without being too overly frosty or shimmery that can look a bit over the top on my skintone.

I'll just leave you all with some swatches to let you see for yourself. I compared them to some other RBR eyeshadows that I have in my stash for reference.

RBR swatches in natural lighting.
From L to R: Snowy Egret, Eclipse Eagle, Bohemian Waxwing,
Solstice Halcyon and Abyssinian Catbird.

Same RBR swatches- indoor lighting.

These new shades are already availabe and the refills retail for $19 USD/ 24 EUR each.

You can purchase them online at Zuneta (UK based), Beauty Habit (US based and on the RBR website. But they do have counters in Russia, Eastern Europe (like Kroatia), The Middle East and Western European countries like Estonia and Poland.


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    1. Eclipse Eagle is so gorgeous and would be right up your alley! ;D Did you order one of the new ones?